Steam-Roasted Onion Jam

Carlene Thomas RDN
Carlene Thomas RDN
October 26, 2021
This hands-off, oven-only recipe for umami-packed onion jam pairs perfectly with meats, cheeses, and bread. It’s a great recipe to try out with the steam function on the Anova Precision Oven!
Prep Time
Cook Time
Steam-Roasted Onion Jam
4 (2)
3 large
sweet onions
2 Tbsp
extra-virgin olive oil
1 Tbsp
granulated sugar
1 Tbsp
balsamic vinegar
1 tsp
coconut aminos

1. Preheat the Oven and Prepare Pan

Line a sheet pan with a silicone baking mat or grease with nonstick oil spray.
Sous Vide Mode: Off
Steam: 100%
Temp: 325°F
Heat: Rear

2. Slice Onions

Cut the onions in half lengthwise and peel. Use a mandoline slicer or sharp knife to slice 1/4-inch thick. Transfer to a large bowl.
Slice Onions

3. Add Oil

Drizzle with the olive oil and toss to coat.
Add Oil

4. Transfer to Pan

Spread the onions in a single layer on the prepared pan.
Transfer to Pan

5. Steam Cook

Transfer to the oven and cook until the onions are soft and translucent, about 20 minutes.
Steam Cook
Sous Vide Mode: Off
Steam: 100%
Temp: 325°F
Heat: Rear
00:20 Timer

6. Season

Remove the onions from the oven and top with the sugar, vinegar, and coconut aminos. Toss to coat.

7. Brown

Return to the oven and continue to cook, stirring halfway through, until the onions are deep golden brown and very soft, about 35 minutes.
Sous Vide Mode: Off
Steam: Off
Temp: 350°F
Heat: Rear
00:35 Timer

8. Cool and Store

Let cool completely before transferring to serving bowl or an airtight storage container. Refrigerate for up to 5 days. Serve with meats, cheese, or bread.
Cool and Store
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